Gis Analytics

Online GIS solutions using Open GPL software to demonstrate analysis of spatial data!


This site was built using Joomla and a Rocketheme template on virtual Debian server.

Rainbow – authorized service center

Rainbow Service are an authorized service center for Rexair Rainbow cleaning systems. They offer wide range of spare parts for Rainbow cleaning systems. The next step for the business was to go online.  Online sales of spare parts and consumables gives a straight contact with the customers which is very important for such business models.

Building upon the initial website, we’ve added an online shop. Main goal was to separate the spare parts per machine, giving the customer the opportunity to navigate easily through the website and to be able to identify in a certain way what he needs. Another goal was of course¬† to be able to to give all the information visitors would like to know. The shop keeps track of orders and saves them in a database specially designed for Rainbow purposes.


Hairstyles website new webdesign

Hairstyle and make-up website of Anelia Kosharaka has been renovated with brand new web-design and some new navigation and functional improvements. Screen-shot of new design is available below.

hairstyles new design