Hair game website

The hair game project is already up for couple of years now. It is a flash based web tool that helps the visitor to try new hairstyles with new colors by uploading his own photograph. This hair game software is useful, because it helps you change style and find which is most appropriate for you.  To get the best results, the person on the picture must be facing the camera, the face should upright, hair must be combed back.

The website has four language versions. Like Portuguese – Cabelos Virtuais and a French version Coiffure virtuelle.

Biju-03 jewellery manufacturer in Bulgaria is a website that I created back in the beginning of 2008. Biju-03 are family owned jewellery company. they produce a wide range of jewellery products such as silver and gold rings, bracelets, ear-rings, wedding rings and other.

The company also offers a lot of services for their clients as well as for other professionals in the field.

Bulgarian jewellery company

To contact Biju-03 you can use the following phone number +359 963 24 02.

Accounting company in Bulgaria

Abisinia LTD is an accounting company in Bulgaria.

Abisinia Ltd - Bulgarian Accounting company
Abisinia Ltd - Bulgarian Accounting company