Gis Analytics

Online GIS solutions using Open GPL software to demonstrate analysis of spatial data!


This site was built using Joomla and a Rocketheme template on virtual Debian server.


Artostour are a Bulgarian company for tourist transport. They also rent cars and provide operative leasing for their customers. The project was built with Joomla and a Rocket Theme Template. There is also a custom made module for tracking car repairs, consumables and spare parts.

Туристически транспорт

Saving energy website is the website of the company Energy Saver Bulgaria. Energy Saver Bulgaria are an distributor of the energy saving box, which plugged in the power supply network provides energy saving up to 30 %.  The website is built with Joomla on a Rockettheme Template.

Уред за икономия на ток

Hair game website

The hair game project is already up for couple of years now. It is a flash based web tool that helps the visitor to try new hairstyles with new colors by uploading his own photograph. This hair game software is useful, because it helps you change style and find which is most appropriate for you.  To get the best results, the person on the picture must be facing the camera, the face should upright, hair must be combed back.

The website has four language versions. Like Portuguese – Cabelos Virtuais and a French version Coiffure virtuelle.

Computer runs slow!?

It often happens that a computer with good configuration eventually starts running slow. That kind of situation happens a lot in my experience. But what could you do for speeding up your machine?

There are few things you could do, but my suggestion is that you should first try to speed up your hard drive by doing some or all of the following:

– defragment you hard drives (since Windows Vista defragmentation is ran as a scheduled task);
– clean all temporary files, including your browser temporary files;
– run a disk check (chkdsk driveletter: /r /f ).

This usually does the trick and it effects the speed of your computer in a positive way. But if it still runs slow, you should check if your computer is not overheating. To resolve laptop overheating you can try cleaning the heat sinks of your laptop. It is pretty much the same with desktop computers, but it is usually a lot easier.

The next step is to check whether there are many programs running in silent mode, i.e. programs that are started automatically when Windows starts up. You can find these programs by typing msconfig in the run field and clicking on the startup tab. You could also find a list of this programs in the registry of your windows under: \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run; or \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run;

If any of these tricks does not work for you, it is probably best to consult with your hardware vendor to see if your computer has any hardware problems or it just needs an hardware/software upgrade.