Apache2 LocationMatch with simple regular expression

How to Proxy an URL of the this type:


to an internal server?

I have looked for a long time in the apache2 LocationMatch official docs hoping to find a solution how to write correctly the regular expressions that will do the job until I managed to come out with a working solution.

And here is what I have come up with:

<LocationMatch "/folder/([a-z]+)/api/(.*)">
    ProxyPass http://internal-machine/$0
    ProxyPassReverse http://internal-machine/$0

To brake the above regular expression and the URL that it will match, the rule will match:
– any URL that starts with /folder/;
– look for a follow up of any sequence of characters containing lowercase letters a-z (a-z) with length > 1;
– look for an exact match of ‘/api/’;
– followed by any number and any kind of followup characters;
– the matched URLs will be forwarded to server http://internal-machine/;
– with query string $0=/folder/([a-z]+)/api/(.*)