Laptop overheating

When your laptop starts running slow maybe it’s time for some maintenance.

Laptop overheating cause:

A common reason for a laptop to run slow is overheating. It is usually caused by dirt gathered between the cooling fan and the copper heatsink. This dirt builds up, blocks the airflow from the cooling fan towards the copper heatsink, which main purpose is to drive away the heat from the processor. When the airflow is blocked, the processor is no longer capable of giving away its temperature and causes your laptop overheating. This results as slow operation, random stops, unexpected restart ant etc.

Most people when buy a new laptop (notebook) don’t fully understand the importance of keeping it away from dust and soft surfaces. It is very important that you use your laptop as prescribed in the instructions.

Laptop overheating solution:

Important! If your laptop is in its guarantee period you should take it to your guarantee computer service, because if you open it yourself the guarantee may become invalid.

If you feel uncertain you should also turn to a computer service for help.

Some machines however provide an eased access to their cooling parts as cooling fan and copper heatsink. Such laptops are easy to clean and most users will be capable to do it themselves. The example below is of a Uniwill L51II0 matrix. To have access to the area between the copper heatsink and the cooling fan you only need to take of the “CPU/Hard drive” cover.

laptop overheating

In this particular case cleaning the dirt and vacuum cleaning the other laptop parts helped to avoid overheats and random restarts.

Overheating useful advices:

– Do not put your laptop on soft surfaces (blankets, sofas and etc.) while operational;
– Avoid using your computer on a dusty desks (clean the desk before work);
– Do not block the airflow to/from the cooling fan;
– Use your laptop according to manufacturer’s instructions.