How to boost your wifi signal?!

You have an Internet connection that has been connected to a wireless emitter in order to provide wireless connectivity, but in some areas you have a lack of signal. What can you do to strengthenĀ  that wifi signal up?

In this article I will try to give you some simple advices to help you improve your wireless device performance.

Let’s assume that you do not have the opportunity to move your device along, otherwise this is one of the best ways to adjust your signal. So here is what you can do:

1. Adjust wireless device antenna direction. The best direction of your antenna is the one that has a 90 degree angle (see the picture bellow) with the imaginary line drawn between the wireless device and your laptop (or any other wireless device, the green line between the laptop and the wireless).


On the figure shown above, the best direction of your antenna is shown in green. The blue position of the antenna shows a relevantly good antenna position. The position coloured in red is worse in this particular case, the weakest signal follows the direction of the antenna (0/180 degrees with the imaginary line of the position of your laptop). If the antenna of your wireless emitter point toward your laptop – you will experience a low signal!

2. Sometimes in the security settings of your wireless emitter, there is an option that lowers the power of the wifi signal for security reasons. Check if your device has such options, make sure to allow full signal strength.

3. If the first two steps are not applicable for any reason, you can boost your signal via wifi antenna booster such antenna can increase the level of you signal. The price of such boosters is near 5 US dollars 3.5 Euros. It attaches to your device just as a regular antenna and it’s fairly easy for setting up.

For other solutions, on larger areas, that require higher levels of the signal an wifi signal amplifier might be a good choice. Such amplifiers might require separate power supply.